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Contractor Registration

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Building Department Overview

The Building Department is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of local building, planning and zoning codes. Structural, plumbing, HVAC and electrical inspectors are supervised by the Building Commissioner. Their function is to ensure safe and efficient construction adhering to construction and city codes.

The Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and City Engineer assist with the orderly planning of the city. The Plan Commission acts as a recommending body to the City Council for special uses of property. The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews and rules upon variances of city zoning codes. The City Engineer monitors improvements so there is conformance with proper drainage and engineering requirements.

The Building Department advises the City Clerk's Office on land use and appropriateness on business licensing. They also supervise work with the health department pertaining to local businesses regarding code enforcement.

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  • All new construction, renovations, additions and structural changes require building permits. Permits require property index numbers, registered contractors or hold harmless agreements, and in most cases a plat of survey. A list of registered contractors is available at city hall through the Building Department.
  • In the "Frequently asked Questions" section of the Building Department is a list of common construction projects that would require a permit.


  • All signs (permanent and portable) require a permit, obtainable at City Hall.


  • The ordinance enforcement/animal control functions are a service of the Building Department. The Ordinance Officer investigates ordinance violation complaints on a wide range of land use and operation ordinances as well as property maintenance matters. Code violations are brought to the property owner or tenant's attention and a reasonable time for correction is established. As a last resort, or for repeated code violations, violations for fines and appearance in the local housing/ordinance hearings are issued. The Ordinance Officer coordinates with the Health Department inspectors and makes initial investigation of health violation complaints.
  • In the capacity of animal control, the officer investigates and enforces all animal control ordinances, traps wild nuisance animals and deals with other animal problems.
  • This office provides a wide range of services to the homeowner and business community helping to maintain a high standard of community pride and property values.

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