FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is my property in a flood area?

A: The new flood insurance rate map became effective on June 19, 2008 by ordinance 2008.9. Residents need to come in to city hall to look at the flood plain map for themselves. The Building Department will help residents locate their property but will not make the final determination regarding flood plain areas. Copies of the flood plain map may be purchased at www.fema.gov., go to maps and then to MSC. Our map number is 17031C0604-F.

Q: What can I do to get my property out of the flood zone?

A: Step 1: Hire an Illinois licensed land surveyor.
Step 2: Surveyor must complete an elevation certificate.
Step 3: Certificate must show that the lowest floor level (noted on certificate) is a minimum of one foot above the base flood elevation (noted on certificate).
Step 4: Send Elevation Certificate and application for a LOMA or a LOMR to FEMA. Your surveying company can apply for you and advise you of fees.
Step 5: Make copies of all paper work before submitting them to FEMA.
Step 6: Should FEMA accept your application, you will receive from FEMA a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) by mail.
Step 7: Submit letter to your mortgage lender to remove flood insurance requirement.

FEMA's Address:
LOMA Dept.
12101 Indian Creek Ct.
Beltsville, MD 20705

Q: Can you recommend a contractor for a particular project?

A: Check out the information on our Contractors page.

Q: What Building Codes does the city use?

A: 2003 IBC
2005 National Electrical Code
Current Illinois Plumbing Code
2003 IBC Mechanical Code
Local city codes (available in a builder's guide obtained at city hall)

Q: What are the requirements for a contractor to register with the city?

A: Check out the information on our Contractors page.

Q: What is the zoning for a particular property?

A: Zoning varies throughout the city. You will need to call city hall to verify zoning. If you frequently need zoning for properties in Palos Hills, maps may be purchased at city hall.

Q: When do I need a building permit?

A: Check out the information on our Permits page.

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