FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I get a ticket from a red light camera?

A: View our Automated Red Light Program to answer many of your questions.

Q: I have questions about my yard waste, where should I go?

A: Our Public Works department is there to answer your questions. Check out their FAQs for more specific questions.

Q: I’m new to the neighbor, where can I find out more information about my community?

A: Welcome to Palos Hills! Visit our Residents section for information pertaining to our community, services, and local businesses.

Q: Does the city have an emergency warning system?

A: Yes. Our emergency dispatch uses the CODE RED system to alert our citizen of man-made and natural events. Visit the Code Red page for more information and how to sign up.

This page was last published at: 2015-02-17 16:33:06