Summer 2016 Newsletter Available

The City of Palos Hills Summer 2016 Newsletter is now available! The newsletter covers all happenings occuring within the City of Palos Hills. Here is an excerpt from Mayor Gerald Bennett.

Dear Residents,

As the City of Palos Hills ends its Fiscal Year and we begin the Spring/Summer season, I am pleased to report to you our City’s strong financial come back from the recession. The City again ended the year in the black along with increasing our reserve fund and decreasing short and long term debt certificates. This Administration has never issued any GO Bond indebtedness of which is why our municipal tax rate has been the lowest in Cook County. The short term debt certificates issued for short term capital projects will be completely paid off in 5 years—leaving the City debt free. We are, however, obligated in paying the Village of Oak Lawn their capital water improvement project that includes a new water main and pumping system to the City of Palos Hills. This capital cost is being paid by our Water Department. The City also is committed to its annual Police Pension obligations.

I am pleased to announce that we have a new full time Building Commissioner, Paul Hardison. Paul is an architect by trade with years of prior experience in city engineering and building and zoning codes.

Also, I am pleased to inform our residents that we are having a major increase in building permits and we expect this summer to bring about the most activity in new housing, renovations and improvements to our neighborhoods. With a nearly completed nursing home, a 20 million dollar investment by Bria Development along with Webb Chevy now in operation on Southwest Highway, we are happy to announce that the Baha Auto Group has taken over the old Hames Olds dealership also on Southwest Highway. The City continues to strive in attracting business development on our vacant sites in town. Please continue your support of our local businesses.

The City was again recognized by another organization as having one of the lowest crime rates in the State of Illinois. This is the second recognition in less than 6 months, in as much as the City of Palos Hills has proudly been recognized for its low crime status over the last 30 years. We again thank our Palos Hills Police Department and our Detective Division for the outstanding job done in helping keep Palos Hills a safe place to live.

The City of Palos Hills Public Works Department continues with the modernization and upgrading of our sewer and water infrastructure, street resurfacing, utilities restoration and park restoration which will be a high priority over the next couple of months. Cook County Highway Department after a 2 year delay, has informed us that the resurfacing projects on 107th Street and 103rd Street both from 88th Avenue to Kean will be completed this summer.

Finally, I would like to bring to your attention that the City Golf Course in an effort to increase patrons, will be offering $10 golf-any time-any day. Carts will be extra. The Golf Course which was paid off last year, still remains one of the top ten 9 hole championship courses in the metropolitan area.

With July shortly around the corner, we remind residents of our annual Friendship Festival July 7-10 at Moraine Valley Community College with free admission, free parking, great entertainment and a fun weekend for the entire family. On behalf of the City Council, we thank you for your cooperation and help in making the City of Palos Hills a great place to live, work and relax. Have a safe summer.

—— Mayor Jerry Bennett

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