Dear Residents:

Now that school is in session please be aware of 20 m.p.h. speed limits for school zones and residential streets. Watch for stopped school buses and children who might run into the street without looking for cars.

Rodents: Please take every precaution so we do not have a problem with rodents. There is no feeding of deer, feral cats or any wildlife. Rodents will eat any food outside, including bird feed and chicken feed. Garbage must be kept in tightly closed containers. Any animal feces must be properly disposed of… not on sidewalks or grass.

Addresses: The numbers must be clearly visible from the street.

Police Department: If it is a police emergency, do not hesitate to call 911. If you need a police officer dispatched, call 598-2151. The police station is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M to 5:00P.M.

Flooding: Sewer covers that do not have leaves or debris covering the holes will enable the rain to go into the sewer and not cause a problem on city streets or to homeowners. Please check sewer covers on the street by your home and remove any debris. Do not dump anything, or put leaves or grass in any ditches or Lucas Ditch. Dumping can and does cause flooding.

Beautification: Congratulations to our 2nd ward residents who were recognized for this prestigious award.
Oblazna Family 10639 S. 81st Court
Newtoff Family 10646 S. 82nd Avenue
Jurzec Family 10605 Chamonieux
Kimmey Family 10607 Chamonieux
Nykiel Family 8532 W. 107th street
Domagata Family 10340 S. 81st Ave.
Petrie Family 10612 S. 82nd Ave.
Gasior Family 10560 S. 83rd Ct.

Do Not Block Sidewalks: It is not only a local ordinance, but also a state law that sidewalks cannot be blocked.

Lock Vehicles: if you leave a car on the driveway, always remove any valuables and lock the doors.

Stopped School Buses: Do not pass a stopped school bus if the red stop sign is extended.

No Burning: Do not burn leaves, yard waste or garbage.

Expired and old medications: You can drop these medications in a box in the police station during business hours. No liquids, sharp objects, or needles can be deposited.

Update Phone Numbers: Please call Margareth Balan at city hall if you no longer use a land line. It would be very helpful to us and City Hall to have your cell number in case we need to contact you. She works in the water department. (598-3400 extension 1106)

Right Turn on Red: You must make a complete stop before turning right at a stop light. You could receive a ticket if there is vehicle motion before making the turn.

Yard Waste: Yard waste will be picked up until the last Wednesday in November.

January Newsletter: The January newsletter will be found on the internet on the city website. ( If you do not have a computer, please call one of us and we will be happy to bring you a paper copy.

Second Ward Aldermen


Pauline A. Stratton

Mark Brachman

430-2240 (

710-9844 (