Dear Residents,

With school in session please be aware of children. School zones and all residential streets are 20 M.P.H.

Handicap Parking: There is a $350.00 fine for illegally parking in a handicap space and also on the striped area.

Cell Phones: Holding a phone, talking, or texting while driving is a violation of state law.

Halloween: “Trick or Treat” hours in Palos Hills will be 3:00 to 7:30 on Monday Oct.31, 2022.

Sewer Covers: Please check the sewers by your homes and remove any debris so homes and streets do not flood.

Phone Numbers: Please call Margareth Balan at City Hall if you no longer use a landline. It is always helpful if we have your current phone number in the event you need to be contacted. Margareth works in the water department (708-598-3400 Ext. 1106)

January Newsletter: This newsletter will be on the city website ( Please notify us if you do not have a computer and a paper copy will be delivered to you.

Beautification Winners: Congratulations to our 2nd Ward residents who are recognized for this prestigious award.

Leaves and Yard Waste: No burning is allowed.

Ward Meeting: Our yearly meeting will take place at our Community Center located at 8455 W. 103rd Street on Monday October 24th from 6:45-8:00 P.M. Join us for a cup of coffee and bring any concerns or questions.

Call 911: If you have safety concerns or see anything suspicious.


Alderman Pauline A. Stratton
708 430-2240