Animal License

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for the issuance of all animal licenses that are required under Title 6 of the Palos Hills City Code.

An Application for Animal License shall be made to the City Clerk within 15 days of taking ownership of any dog, cat, ferret or horse within the City of Palos Hills.

What you will need

    • Name and Address of applicant
    • Name, breed, color and sex of the dog, cat, ferret or horse
    • A current, valid certificate of rabies inoculation issued by a veterinarian licensed to practice in the State of Illinois for dogs, cats, and/or ferrets
    • Payment of a $5.00 annual fee

**The applicant’s address must be a Palos Hills address on the Rabies Certificate**

Proper Display of License

Each license issued by the City Clerk must be displayed on the collar of the dog or be in the owner’s possession for cats, ferrets and horses.

Each License must be renewed no later than May 1st of each year regardless of when the license was originally issued.

If there are any questions you may have after viewing the information on this page, please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office at 708.598.3400.