Annual Palos Hills Beautification Contest

2020 Winners
Ward 1 – 10649 S. Michael Drive, 10479 73rd Court, 7909 S. Peak Avenue, 10625 Todd, 10437 Todd, 10638 Vicky, 10644 Vicky, 10537 Todd
Ward 2 – 10310 S. 82nd Court, 10523 82nd Court, 10617 83rd Avenue, 8336 107th Street, 10308  84th Avenue, 10327 Interlochen Drive, 10408  82nd Avenue, 10609 S. 83rd Court
Ward 3 – 10411  89th Avenue, 10019  90th Avenue, 8833  97th Place, 9647 Wooded Path, 9007 Deerwood, 9024 Deerwood, 9025 Windsor Drive, 9933 Stratford, 8945  100th Place, 9019 Deerwood
Ward 4 – 7907 W. 99th Place, 7911 W. 99th Place, 7912 W. 100th Place, 7926 W. 101st Place, 7900 W. 101st Street, 7906 W. 101st Street, 7806 W. 101st Street
Ward 5 – 10756 W. Doric, 8207 Gruener, 10736 Meadow Lane, 10702 Olympia Circle, 10980  84th Avenue, 8141 Valley Drive, 11206 Deerpath, 10900  84th Avenue


Residential and business properties are judged in these categories:

  1. General appearance of buildings, fencing and edging
  2. Overall landscaping
    1. Lawns
    2. Shrubs, evergreens and trees
    3. Color accents

So, it’s time to think about sprucing up your property and selecting your annuals to try to capture the admiring attention of our wonderful volunteer judges while you do your part to add to the overall beauty of our attractive City and enhance the quality of life for everyone in Palos Hills.

By entering the Palos Hills Beautification Contest applicants are allowing their names and addresses to be published in any publications regarding the contest.

“Good Luck to All”


Q: How can I nominate my neighbors?

A: You can nominate your neighbor but please state you are nominating your neighbor on the Contest application so we can obtain permission for printed material. Please email us a picture of the landscape with the address and name of the resident to

Q: What if I was invited to accept an award, but I can’t make it or don’t want to?

A: This is a purely volunteer community contest. This is just the communities way of saying thank you. Award yard signs & certificates will be available for pick up at the Community Center the morning after the awards presentation at City Hall.