Public Works

Public Works/Water and Sewer Department provides service to 17,428 residents residing in 7720 dwellings within our community and are responsible for the delivery of 673 million gallons drinking water annually.

The department operates and maintains more than 73 lane miles of city owned streets, 8 sanitary sewerage pumping stations, 55 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 67 miles of potable water mains, 2 potable water pumping stations, 2-two million gallon potable water reservoirs, 869 fire hydrants, 2010 traffic and regulatory signs, 290 street lights, 8 city parks, various public buildings, and a fleet of 25 vehicles and construction equipment.

In addition to many other tasks the department is also responsible for the clearing of snow from city streets, cleaning of storm and sanitary sewers, maintenance of city parks, various public easements and maintenance of public buildings.


Nick Oeffling
Phone: (708) 598-3400 x1111

Public Works Main: (708) 598-3400 x1106