Block Party Guidelines and Application

Dear Palos Hills Resident:
Block parties are a great way to meet your neighbors. All block parties must be approved by the City prior to the scheduled event. In order to receive approval, a representative of the neighborhood must complete a Block Party Petition Form and submit it at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

As you plan your block party, please keep the following regulations in mind:

• So that emergency vehicles can have passage, be sure all tables, chairs, and other items placed on the street do not project more than six feet from the curb.

• Provide adequate supervision of children at all times.

• Do not stretch wires, ropes, nets, lights, banners, and other items across the street. These could prevent access by emergency vehicles.

• Use only removable barricades provided by the City to block the streets. DO NOT use a parked car as a barricade.

• Do not obstruct public sidewalk or public way with the barricades, ropes, or other objects.

• Alcohol is only to be consumed on private property and may not be sold during the block party.

• The noise and on street parking ordinances must be followed.

• All block residents – even those who did not sign the petition – must be notified of the event (date, time, place, details) in advance of the event

Thank you again for this opportunity to help you create a better community within Palos Hills. We wish you the best at your block party and are here to help with the process every step of the way.

For questions, please call City Hall at (708) 598-3400.

Block Party Petition Form