The Ordinance Officer’s job is to enforce the currently adapted Property Maintenance Codes, City Zoning Codes and various other City ordinances dealing with property and property maintenance.

Why Code Compliance is Important

One of the most important obligations that a municipality has to its residents is to protect their health, safety and welfare. The Ordinance Officer plays a major role in keeping the community from becoming run-down and unattractive to those who live in or visit it, and in preserving the integrity of its existing community. As a consequence, property maintenance code enforcement is the most-demanded function of municipal government.

Where there exists a situation that, although it may seem acceptable to a property owner, is deemed under the property maintenance code to be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the neighbors or contributes to the deterioration of the neighborhood, the Ordinance Officer is required to take action to get the situation corrected.

The major objective of the Ordinance Officer is to maintain and increase the property values of the City of Palos Hills by reminding property owners of their responsibility to maintain their property to the minimum standard set by City ordinance.

What to Do If You Violate a Code

If you receive a letter of violation from the Building Department, or Ordinance Officer, make sure that the violations are corrected before the indicated date of compliance. If you have problems meeting that compliance date, be sure to contact the Building Department, or Ordinance Officer that issued the notice, and explain the problem and ask for an extension. Failure to correct the violation or receive an extension could subject you to the fines allowed by the ordinance.


The fines associated with any violation can be found in the City of Palos Hills Municipal Code book.

The City’s goal is not to collect fines, but to bring to your attention problems within your property that should be corrected to enhance the value of your property and the surrounding neighborhood.