FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I put branches out, can you send Public Works to pick them up?

A: A schedule is created at the beginning of each year for branch pickup. The town is divided into seven sections. Please check the schedule before putting branches out as pick-ups are done according to that schedule. The schedule is located at https://www.paloshillsweb.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024_Chipper_Truck_Schedule_wMap_Color.pdf.

Q: What length should branches be for pick-up?

A: Long lengths are preferable, 6 or 7 foot long. Branches shorter than 4 foot will need to be put in your yard waste container, broken or standing upright. Also, branches can be bundled in 4 foot lengths and laid next to the yard waste container for your refuse pick-up.

Q: We took a tree down, we know how to get rid of the branches, but what do we do with the trunk and tree stump?

A: Cut the stump in 18-24 lengths and call to request log pick-up. A fee of $5.00 per log will be added to your water bill. If there is a root ball a fee of $10.00 will be added to the water bill. If the stump is on the City parkway call the Public Works Department to be put on a list for stump removal. The City hires a tree service to remove stumps when a list of addresses has been comprised.

Q: There is a street light out, can the City report this and get it fixed?

A: When you call you will be asked if the street light is a wood or metal pole. This determines who will make the repair and is necessary if the light is to be fixed. Please be sure you are aware of the location of the light so it can be reported correctly.

Q: There is a pot hole on the road, how do I report it?

A: Reporting a pot hole will help to insure it gets fixed promptly. Call the Public Works Department at 598-3400 x1106.

Q: I am moving, what do I need to do for the water account?

A: Please call City Hall and make an appointment for a final water meter reading and home inspection of the sump pump & ejector pump. Appointments can be scheduled between 7:15a.m. and 3:00p.m. Monday thru Friday. An exact time will be set up. Please provide your forwarding address, the name of the purchaser, the date the account will go into the purchaser’s name, and your account number. Please give the location of your meter. If you are a renter we will need the property owner’s name, address, and phone number for verification with our records. A permit will be issued after the home inspection; this will notify the attorneys if there are any violations. Your final water bill amount will be shown on the permit and include the $50.00 permit fee. This permit should be paid & taken to the closing.

Q: I received my bill, my meter currently has a reading that is less than the one shown on the bill. How can I get an adjusted bill?

A: Record the current reading on your water meter and call the Water Department to have your bill reviewed. Based on your current reading if your bill needs to be adjusted you will be given a corrected amount over the phone.

Q: Do Seniors receive a discount on the water bill?

A: Seniors using less than the City minimum of 4,000 gallons of water per month will have a savings on the water bill. Senior accounts pay exact usage, but if their water use is over the 4,000 gallon amount, there will not be a saving. To receive the senior billing come to City Hall and fill out a short form and show proof of age.

Q: What methods are available for bill payment, and what portion of the bill do I return with my payment?

A: Mail in your payment: If mailing a payment, remove the top portion of the bill and return it with your payment. Automatic Payments: Your bill can also be paid by auto deduction from your checking account. Forms are available at City Hall to sign up for this form of payment. The City also has an auto charge system for payment. A form will need to be filled out for our files with the charge account number and expiration date of the card that the bill will be charged to. Visa, Master card, or Discover is accepted. Night Box Drop Off: A night box is available at City Hall 24 hours a day every day of the year. Please do not put cash payment in the night box. Payment can be made in person at City Hall during normal business hours. > Pay Online: Now you can Pay Your Water Bill Online

Q: I have questions about the water meter reading.

A: Record each number shown on the meter including commas and decimal point. Call the Water Dept and your question will be answered.

Q: My water meter is leaking, will the Water Department come out and fix it?

A: You will need to call City Hall so the Water Department can determine if the repair will be made by them or if you will need to call a plumber.

Q: It appears my water meter is stopped. What do I do about it?

A: Please call the Water Department so that an appointment can be made to replace the water meter. Appointments can be scheduled between 7:15A.M. and 3:00P.M. Monday thru Friday. During the winter be sure that the area where the meter is located is insulated so it does not freeze.

Q: I hear a loud banging noise either when the water is turned on or off. What might cause this and how can it be corrected?

A: It is possible that a water pipe may have come away from the wall where it is usually fastened. If that is the case, install a pipe fastener to hold the pipe more securely. Another possible cause is air in the water line. Air can become trapped in your water pipes due to hydrant use or flushing. If there has been a water main break in your area the change in pressure may cause this condition also. If air in your water pipes is the cause, you will have to drain your water system. To do this, turn the water off at the valve before meter. Open all the faucets until they run dry, including tub and shower. Turn the faucets off and turn the valve back on at the meter. Open the faucets full beginning with the closest to the meter and continuing to the furthest. This should remove any air trapped in your water line. One other possibility is insufficient air traps in the plumbing of your home.

Q: I see water pooling in the parkway. Does the City need to be notified of this?

A: Please call City Hall if you see anything that may be a water leak. Repairs are quicker and less inconvenient if they are caught before a leak becomes a serious water break. If a water main needs repair all underground utilities in the area will have to be marked before we can begin digging. The water in the area will be off during the repair.

Q: How often are water bills processed and when should I expect my bill?

A: Water bills are processed every month. The bills are delivered to the Post Office on the first day of each month. If you do not receive a bill please call the Water Department for a copy of your bill. Water bills are due the 21st of the month. Two bills without payment will result in the water being shut off. The turn on fee is $100.00.

Q: I’ll be spending the winter at another residence out of state. How can I take care of my water bills?

A: The Post Office does not forward water bills, therefore you will need to call the Water Department and give your forwarding address in order to receive your bill. Write out of town on the meter card and return it with your payment. This will prevent your account from being billed at estimated water use while you are away. Be sure to call when you return to remove the forwarding address from your account.