Animal Control

The City’s Animal Control/Ordinance Officer can be reached by calling (708) 598-3400 x1113 or email

The City of Palos Hills does not trap wildlife. Any wildlife trapping must be done by an Illinois State licensed trapper. A list of trappers can be found below. Please note that, in many instances, “Critter Prevention” is something that can be done by the resident by following some simple steps; keeping your yard well-maintained, closing off “open” areas underneath decks, patios, etc; making sure all holes in garages/sheds are sealed off. The elimination of alley garbage pickup should go a long way in reducing the critter presence.

The City of Palos Hills does not remove dead animals from private property. Removal of any dead animals on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Trappers and Exterminators

Veterans Wildlife (Richard) 708-785-1314 incl: Bats
Wildlife Management (Mark Romano) 630-476-1198
Have a Heart Wildlife (Bill & Sandy Banks) 708-534-8801 incl: Bats
Nuisance Wildlife 630-461-9920 incl: Bats
All Animal Control & Removal Service (Jerome Landry) 630-416-9920
Wildlife Police, Inc. (Ty Holden) 630-789-9453
Trapper Nick 708-281-0535 incl: Bats
Ampest 708-251-3305 incl: Bats
Data Pest Control (Al) 708-650-2100
Rose Pest Control 312-287-4204

Animal License

Please visit Animal License page for more information.


Please see the following handout for more information on Coyotes in Palos Hills