Business Directory

The Palos Hills Business Directory lists all the businesses registered with the City.

Our directory listing is currently unavailable while we perform several system upgrades. Please check back periodically for an updated list.

Submit a Listing

All of the businesses listed within the directory are also registered with the city. If you are registered with the city, but still do not see your business located in the listing, please contact the clerk’s office. Businesses are not posted to the listing until the day of their opening.

If you are not registered with the city, contact the clerk’s office to register. After the registration is complete, your business will be listed in the directory. Please allow up to a week for the registration to be processed, and your business posted.

Post a Vacancy

If you are an owner or landlord of a vacant store front, lot or any piece of commercial or retail property, please contact the city clerk about posting your property on our website as a potential business location.