Due to the recent protests and civil unrest, I am pleased to announce that the City of Palos Hills has had no major crime or related incidents over the past four days. The Palos Hills Police Department has added additional patrols since the weekend, and will continue additional manpower in our City anytime we feel a threat to our City remains.

Chief Paul Madigan has asked our residents to call 911 if they see something suspicious. We assure you that criminal activities related to this event have not happened.

All businesses in Palos Hills were allowed to open under the State of Illinois Phase III COVID-19 Plan and any business that is not open chose to do so voluntarily. Restaurants are also allowed to open for outside dining. We ask our residents to support our local businesses.

Unfortunately, we are in uncertain times with the Covid pandemic, and now, civil unrest. Please be assured that the City of Palos Hills and the Palos Hills Police Department are constantly monitoring all these concerns. The City of Palos Hills has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire State of Illinois and we pledge to keep it that way with your help and support.

We will keep you informed as to any changes regarding recent events and will post on our website, or, if necessary, a robocall.

Please stay safe and please contact the City of Palos Hills, or call 911 emergency to report any suspicious activity.

Thank you,

Mayor Bennett