Dear Residents,

I spoke at the City Council public meeting last Thursday in addressing the national discussion on policing. In that address, I stated, in uncertain terms, that our City will never tolerate discrimination or racism by our Police Department, or by any employee of the City of Palos Hills. Our City is made up of one of the most diverse citizens in the southwest suburbs, and our Police Department is also one, if not the most diverse, by gender, race, ethnicity, and faith, and has been for decades.

We are proud of our diversity, and over all the years of my administration, not one complaint has ever been filed for excessive use of force by our Police Department. We hold all employees to the highest standards, and all people interacting with our local government shall all be treated equally and fair under the laws that govern us. We will continue to educate and train our employees to apply the highest standards going forward.

Mayor, Gerald R. Bennett