Palos Hills 4/20/21 — Palos Hills is joining the Plant Trees for Communities initiative to plant at least 340 new trees in the Chicago region in 2021 to build a healthier urban forest.

The effort involving the seven-county Chicago region and all 50 City of Chicago wards is being spearheaded by the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI), a partnership of more than 200 organizations taking coordinated action to improve the health, diversity and equitable distribution of trees in the Chicago region.

The City of Palos Hills planted a white oak tree at Bennett Park last week. This tree was planted as a memorial by the family of a long time public works employee who had died last year.

Trees provide residents with significant benefits to their well being, including cleaner air and water, reduced heat and flooding, and improved mental and physical health,” said CRTI Director Lydia Scott. “By committing to planting and growing trees to maturity, the community is contributing to the overall health of the Chicago region’s urban forest and its residents.”

CRTI provides participating communities with planting and care instructions, a tree owner’s manual, and supportive services, and the tree will be identified by a commemorative tree tag.

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About Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI)

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) is a partnership for coordinated action to improve the health, diversity, and equitable distribution of trees in the Chicago region, to benefit people and communities. Established in 2013, it is the largest initiative of its kind in the United States. Founded by The Morton Arboretum, CRTI brings together more than 200 partners from industry, community, and government organizations with a comprehensive plan to lead regional action for trees through 2050. For more information:

Palos Hills joins Regional Tree Planing Initiative Press Release